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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 23, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. keep the umbrella handy. it is a very wet morning around the bay. the flooded areas and slick roads causing trouble for commuters. in libya more sniper attacks and the defiant message from their leader libyan leader moammar qaddafi. good morning, it's a wet wednesday march 23 i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time is 6:00. 11 straight days of rain and counting. >> a lot. >> we want team coverage on this morning's storm. anne makovec live in marin, where there's some flooding. elizabeth wenger at the bay bridge, but first off let's start with a check of weather and traffic, lawrence in the weather center and we can see that hi-def doppler behind us. >> it's been ripping around the bay area this morning, folks. if you are on the roads be careful. the cold front literally coming
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through right now stretching down from vacaville, fairfield into concord and livermore and fremont. pockets the moderate to heavier rainfall into pleasant hill and concord. you see the cell moving by now and we have seen some strong gusty winds with that. we have gusts over 30 miles per hour, even one over 50 miles per hour. so you get the idea the cold front moving by. the heaviest amounts of rainfall probably this morning. then showers into the middle of the morning. flash flood watches in the coastal sections and the mountains. this rain is coming down in a hurry and running right down into the creeks and the streams as the ground just is totally saturated so we could see rapid rise as long some of the creeks, as well. here's your cold front diving through the bay area. once we get past this main front, behind that, guess what, we have more scattered showers so we're not done today. be prepared for rain on and off throughout the day and the possibility of thunderstorms. let's check gianna and traffic. >> be prepared for a busy commute. live to the bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights. but we are starting to see extra volume out there.
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of course some flooding eastbound as you come off the decline in the left lane. puddling also approaching the toll plaza so give yourself some extra time. now, chp has issued a traffic alert for northbound 280 at hickey boulevard. the two right lanes are blocked for an injury accident. traffic slow and go in both directions. use 101 or bart to get around the delays. flooding southbound 280 at 101. right lanes blocked through there. flooding reported on 380 at 101 and a new wreck coming into chp blocking lanes north 101 at holly. we'll get you updated on that as well as the wind advisories for the bay area but now back to you. >> thank you. 6:02. a north bay park and ride lot is closed this morning. >> yeah, the problem is too much water, how about that. anne makovec in marin county. >> reporter: living large up near marin county, i have a lakeview behind me. unfortunately, this is a park and ride lot which means it is
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closed this morning. several inches of standing water. you can see the sign back there saying that it's subject to flooding. yeah. you could say that again. we have a lot of water here. it has gone down. a lot of the flooding is due to the high tide. you can see this tree here and this median. at one point about a half hour ago, the water was over that curb and now it has gone down significantly. but we are expecting high tide again this afternoon later at about 4:15. so it probably will be flooding again. you can see this electronic sign telling people to not come and park. the one vehicle that is here is the guy who has to be the messenger telling people they cannot stay here and they have to go to a nearby restaurant to catch their bus. apparently the people who use the although are used to it. >> it doesn't really have to storm here for this to flood. this more or less floods because of the high tide. the runoff doesn't help but the
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high tide affects the parking lot. >> reporter: yeah. the rain coming down doesn't help especially since our soil is so saturated right now everything is just pooling wherever it can. so we're watching some of the creeks to make sure that they are not overflowing. but that probably will be happening over the next several days as more rain is expected to fall again. a flash flood watch as lawrence mentioned up and down the bay area coastline. and a lot of wind out there, too, according to elizabeth. pretty calm where i am but she is on the bay bridge, a little nasty out there. >> reporter: yeah, you know, anne, you mentioned it, it has calmed down a little bit in the last hour or so. i noticed you weren't wearing your hat. i still got on mine. but rain not quite as hard but winds still definitely an issue. we are here at the bay bridge toll plaza where there are wind advisories in effect the bay bridge toll plaza, richmond/san rafael bridge and san mateo bridge gusts up to 25 miles per hour. we were driving a high-profile vehicle getting here on the lower deck of the bridge and it
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was definitely a two hands on the steering while kind of morning. we saw this flooding sign, not having to be used yet but it's here on standby as cars make their way towards the pay gates. and if my photographer wants to pan over towards the traffic there, heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, we have seen some cars making some huge splashes especially in those middle lanes where the water does tend to collect so obviously standing water an issue. the flooding reports have been coming in. gianna has been mentioning a lot of these. we have a traffic alert on 280 at hickey boulevard. eastbound lanes on the lower deck coming off the decline of the bay bridge flooding reports there, as well. so obviously standing water, reduced visibility can be a dangerous combination. a lot of these tips may seem obvious. but obviously brake earlier with less force. allow for more travel time this morning. this is the morning to give yourself plenty of time this morning. also, don't use cruise control on days like this especially,
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when reaction time is so important. or the best advice of all, stay off the roads altogether and use mass transit. sydnie, back to you. so far i got to say it's not too bad here at the bay bridge. when they turn the metering lights on, it will slow down. >> we're mesmerized watching some of those low profile cars hit that puddle of water and the water just goes right over it. hopefully there will be no stalls. we don't need that for our morning commute. >> reporter: i haven't seen them make this big a splash in a long time so obviously it's been raining for a while. we saw it six feet high. >> we always forget when it rains there is a big puddle right there before the toll plaza. thank you, elizabeth wenger at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's going to be at least a week, maybe longer, before residents cab drive up the road to their -- can drive up the road to their homes in the santa cruz mountains and all this wet weather only making it worse. today a geologist is expected to check on the slide that covers about 200 feet of nelson road near scotts valley.
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the inspection will determine whether to try to clear the slides now or wait for it to stabilize. in the meantime people there walking around the slide areas. you can always find the latest storm-related news on our website, and find interactive weather at for your neighborhood. a troubling sight amid efforts to prevent a nuclear meltdown in japan. black smoke is rising out of one of the reactors at the crippled nuclear plant prompting another evacuation. meanwhile, authorities are now telling parents in tokyo not to let their babies drink tap water because of the radiation in it. infants are particularly vulnerable to radioactive iodine which can cause thyroid cancer. levels in the water are not high enough to harm adults but the infants, yes. right now in libya, nato warships have started patrolling off the coast to
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enforce the united nations arms embargo on the country. meanwhile, people in the coastal city of misrata say there are numerous casualties there from shelling and sniper attacks by forces that are loyal to their leader moammar qaddafi. last night he spoke to supporters in tripoli saying he is not afraid of the u.s.- european coalition efforts to enforce the no-fly zone. our time now 6:08. we are getting reports from cbs news that actress elizabeth taylor has died. again, this is coming from cbs news. and we're expected to have a live report in just a few minutes. we'll have the very latest on that plus it's day 3 of the barry bonds perjury trial. a setback prosecutors have already suffered in that case coming up. and budget cuts targeting san jos firefighters. the new contract councilmembers just approved. ,,,,,,,,
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elizabeth taylor mass died. she had been hospitalized after several years of poor health. bill whitaker takes a look bat at her life and lodge career. >> reporter: in a star struck age she was the ultimate celebrity. and the ultimate survivor. >> i have had addictions, weight problems, i almost died a couple of times. i have been pronounced dead. i read my own obituary.
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the best reviews i have ever had. >> reporter: they say movie acting is all in the eyes. hers were violent in color. they suggested both passion and heartbreak. they made women green with envy. they made men absolutely crazy. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: she first went before the camera at age 10. she was born in london of well- to-do american parents brought to hollywood just before world war ii. she grew up at mgm. >> poor lassie. >> reporter: 11 years old in lassie come home. 12 in national velvet. >> a race like this is won by luck? >> no. by knowing that i can win and telling him so. >> reporter: at 18, she married on screen in father of the bride. and off screen too. hotel heir nicky hilton was husband number one. >> my bride and myself are going to have a wonderful time in europe. >> reporter: it lasted eight
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months. actor michael wilding number 2 four years. producer mike todd killed in a plane crash after 14 months of marriage. singer eddie fisher was number 4. she was trashed by the tabloids for stealing him from debbie reynolds. >> now when i feel that? i feel all the time like a cat on a hot tin roof. >> reporter: cleopatra. her seductive screen roles blurred into her private life. there was an oscar for butterfield 8. >> i was the slut of all time! >> reporter: a second oscar for playing martha, the boozy shrew in who's afraid of virginia wolf. opposite husband number 5, richard burton. >> i am not a monster! i am not! >> reporter: their motto seemed to be, excess in all things typified by the huge diamonds he gave her. they made a string of over-the-
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top movies together. drank too much, caroused too much, fought, divorced, remarried and fought some more. there were two more marriages... senator john warner for six years, four years with construction worker larry fortensky. the passions of her later years included her work for aids research and a series of perfumes sold in her name. it's the failed marriages or the health problems -- if the failed marriages or the health problems ever overwhelmed this child of hollywood she never let on. friends said she never complained about the past and she always hoped to fall in love just one more time. bill whitaker, cbs news, hollywood. >> and again, elizabeth taylor died early this morning at a los angeles hospita according to the her publicist. she was 79. we'll have more on her life and legacy later on this cbs station on "the early show" for the west coast and tonight on the cbs evening news. this is a cbs news special report. i'm erica hill in new york.
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>> she had been sick for a number of weeks. >> quite a while. did not look good. but you and i just mesmerized watching that report. you know, the greats when they pass away, it's so tough to let go. i didn't realize she was in so many movies because you kind of think of her in our generation, in some of the movies that we saw in the '70s and '80s. but she dates back to the '40s right after world war ii. >> a child actor who made it to adulthood making some very fine movies. >> beautiful woman. >> elizabeth taylor dead at the age of 79 and they will have more on "the early show" starting at 7:00. and we continue with our news here. 6:14. oakland police investigating a double homicide. police found the victims in the driveway last night. they were taken to a hospital where they both died. two dogs were also shot, one of them killed. witnesses say they saw two men running from the scene but so far, police don't have any
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suspects or motive. all is back to normal at sfo this morning after someone phoned in a bomb threat. passengers were flying from manila to san francisco when that threat came in last night. police and bomb-sniffing dogs completed a search of the plane but found nothing. none of the 337 passengers or 20 crewmembers was hurt. it is 6:15. barry bonds' former business partner is one of the witnesses expected to take the stand today in the slugger's perjury trial here in san francisco. bonds' former trainer greg anderson refused to testify yesterday. the judge ordered him back to jail for the duration of the trial two to four weeks. anderson's attorney says he has already served time in prison for this case so he shouldn't have to go again. >> he's not going to cooperate. they didn't play fair. notes going to play their game. it's simple as that. >> bonds is accused of lying to a federal grand jury in 2003
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about knowingly taking steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs. it is 6:15. a sobering message for san jose's bravest. the sacrifice firefighters are making to help the city close a budget gap. ,,,,,,,,
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if you are just joining us this morning, elizabeth taylor has died at the age of 79. she entered cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles two months ago for treatment for symptoms of congestive heart failure. >> she is a former child as far as who grew to be considered one of the greatest actresses of the golden age and is known for her hollywood lifestyle, her many marriages. much more on the "cbs early show" right after this newscast. all right, folks. very stormy start to the day around the bay area. we have had a cold front moving through bringing some heavy amounts of rainfall. starting to see the back side of that cold front a little bit but boy, it is raining heavily from vacaville through fairfield to the south bay. we have heavier amounts of rainfall in through milpitas, san jose, fremont, newark, you name it, some heavy rainfall coming down.
6:20 am
be very, very careful on the roads, a lot of puddling and strong winds. flash flood watches are also up along the coastline and the mountains with that heavy rainfall coming down. the ground is just totally saturated so that water runs off into the streams and creeks. you see those rise in a hurry throughout the morning this morning. now it looks like this system is starting to wind down a bit as it heads eastward. on the back side chance of showers, possibility of isolated thunderstorms with it. temperatures mainly into the 50s outside. as we look toward tomorrow, though, we are not going to catch much of a break and this next storm system probably a little stronger moving in. so i think a possibility of more flash flooding for tomorrow. it is going to be a messy commute tomorrow once again. showers continuing into friday. another storm moves in come saturday. then finally maybe a look at some spring weather as we head in towards sunday and monday of this next week. all right. let get a check of traffic with gianna. >> and it is a messy commute this morning as well, lawrence. let's go live to the san mateo bridge where we have a wind advisory in effect. some slick surfaces, give
6:21 am
yourself some extra time. also, we jump to the maps now. we have wind advisories as well for the bay bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. use caution across the span. no metering lights flooding in the left lane in the decline. south 280 at 101 right lanes blocked. that's due to flooding. new accident just coming in south 101 at sir francis drake. the right lane down for the count on that one. north 101 that ramp to stinson beach closed from flooding until noon. word of flooding along 880 near broadway possibly blocking the off-ramp. you can see life here on 880 traffic still moving okay but again slick surfaces. that's a look at your ride. back to you. >> thank you. san jose city council has approved the terms of a new contract with the firefighters union there. it calls for a 10% reduction in
6:22 am
pay an benefits this year. all unions that represent city workers are being asked to make concessions in hopes of lowering the number of necessary layoffs there. but because of the city's deep budget deficit, some layoffs will happen anyway. >> there's some discussion about whether or not the 10% reduction in total compensation is enough. we know that it's not. it's not enough to avoid budget problems next year. but it's a good first step. >> city council also approved a blueprint laying out several objectives for the ongoing budgeting process. it requires retirement costs to be no higher than the current year and also an increase in the retirement age for the city workers there. it is 6:22. we continue to follow breaking news about the death of elizabeth taylor. we will have more on her life and the legacy she leaves behind coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the santa cruz harbor open again for the first time since it was damaged by the tsunami from the japan earthquake. the wave sank or damaged more than 100 boats on march 11. federal experts completed their investigation of the harbor sea floor and determined yesterday afternoon that the waters are safe again. but there are still some minor restrictions on the dock with the heaviest damage. 6:25 your time.
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a possible vote today could give a boost to a planned bart extension from pittsburg on to antioch. the metropolitan transportation commission will meet in oakland this morning. among the items on the agenda whether to put $19 million towards that extension. the money would come from bridge toll funds and will cover a small portion of the $463 million project. coming up in our next half hour, hollywood mourns the loss of actress elizabeth taylor. >> we are going to take a look back at her career that made her such a screen legend and the health problems that plagued her personal life all coming up. and we have wind advisories and standing water. we are live here at the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up tips to stay safe on this rough start to your morning drive. ,,,,,,,,,, you want to get a great looking lawn like this,
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning. it is wednesday, the 23rd of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. the time now is 6:29. windy weather and slick roads we are on stormwatch as you might imagine. we have team coverage of all the trouble spot but first breaking news out of hollywood. >> actress elizabeth taylor has
6:30 am
died. her pushily sis saidher publicist said she died of congestive heart failure. manuel gallegus with a look back. >> i wish your mother were here. >> she is. she is inside me. >> reporter: most americans first laid eyes on elizabeth rosemond taylor on national velvet. at 12 she skyrocketed to fame. during the next several decades the public would be fascinated by her life and scandalous affairs, appearance, ability to triumph through it all. after a string of films as a teenager in the '50s she was recognized for her acting as well as her beauty. by 1957 she had been divorced twice. >> i couldn't really care less about making movies to tell you the truth. i consider it much more important to be a good woman. >> reporter: a year later the public no longer thought taylor
6:31 am
was a good woman. devastated by the death of her third husband mike todd in a plane crash, taylor found comfort in his best friend eddy fisher. soon the public despised her for breaking up the marriage of eddie fisher and sweetheart debbie reynolds. he was husband number 4, the biggest hollywood scandal of the decade but less than three years later the public was back on her side after she almost died of pneumonia. sympathy from her emergency tracheotomy helped her win an academy award for best actress in butterfield 8. >> i'm not like anyone. i'm me. >> reporter: in 1963, taylor became the highest paid actress in film history receiving a million dollars for cleopatra. >> i will not have love as my master. >> reporter: still married to fisher she began a stormy love affair with her co-star, husband 5 and 6 richard burton. they were boozy and volatile. >> i think having a fight and out and out outrageous
6:32 am
ridiculous fight is one of the greatest exercises in marital togetherness. >> reporter: the couple would make nine films together with who's afraid of virginia wolf earning taylor her second oscar, considered her finest performance. theirs was a larger than life romance right down to the 69.5- carat diamond he bought her. they divorced in 1976. eventually she par laid her love for jewels into business. her fragrance white diamonds topped $1 billion in sales. she took on social causes and was outspoken in the fight against aids. >> i'm here to help fight aids. >> reporter: in 1991, taylor surprised everyone with her eighth marriage to larry fortensky a 40-year-old recovering alcoholic construction worker. they met while they were both in rehab at the betty ford clinic and were married at michael jackson's neverland ranch. throughout her loves, taylor had two sons and two daughters. at 72 she revealed she had
6:33 am
congestive heart failure. still, she never completely scheid away from the public eye. when asked what she considered her biggest accomplishment, elizabeth taylor replied, i survived. manuel gallegus, cbs news, hollywood. >> and certainly she was a favorite in the bay area coming up here a number of times for the macy's passport show to raise money for aids organizations. for more on elizabeth taylor's life and career, you can log on to it has been a very wet morning to get you going today. if you are heading out the door, we have storm clouds out there and some heavy amounts of rainfall in parts of the bay area. you can see the front making its way eastward now. some heavier amounts of rain through concord, livermore, fremont and in along the peninsula we continue to see pockets of moderate to heavier amounts of rain in through burlingame, san bruno, also headed in toward san mateo, foster city. you have good cells there and the just mountains continuing to get pounded in that area with some heavier amounts of rainfall. check this out. boy, this is something else,
6:34 am
folks. there is all this moisture just continuing to pour in. of course, we saw mud slides in this area the past couple of days, could see that happen again for today. this cold front moving through this morning looks like it is going to start to taper off to showers as we get on the back side of that. that's going to happen in the not to distant future here meaning we'll briefly see some breaks but there is a chance of thunderstorms on and off throughout the day today. and a stronger storm on the way for tomorrow. right now let's take you out to anne makovec who is life out in the storm. doesn't look too bad. >> reporter: you know what? things are rapidly improving. but that could change depending on the hour. the flooding in this parking lot has gone down quite a bit because a lot of it is from the high tide. we have video from the height of the flooding when this park and ride lot at 101 northbound and highway 1 in marin county was closed down because of several inches of standing water. it was a real lake out here just about an hour ago and
6:35 am
suddenly everything went down again because the high tide has gone down but it's supposed to be high tide again around 4:15 so we could see more flooding here, the problem is that the ground is completely saturated from the rain that we have had over the past week-plus. so all of that has to go somewhere. and in this below sea level area, that ends up pooling in places like this park and ride lot but apparently, they are kind of used to that around here. >> yeah. this is pretty normal usually when the high tide happens, this parking lot floods and people in the area start to know, you know, to stay away from here. they try to come in the back way and there's a few folks who make it in. we pick them up by the restaurant around the corner. >> reporter: as lawrence said, there is a flash flood watch in effect throughout the rest of the day here and the entire coastal bay area. so we will be watching for more potential localized flooding and rock and mud slides always
6:36 am
a pocket. in the meantime, i know elizabeth has been battling wind out there on the bay bridge. how's it going? >> reporter: anne, the rain and wind has gotten a little better. i took off my hat. but the rain isn't going away anytime soon, as lawrence said. we still have wind advisories in effect for a lot of bridges across the bay area including here at the bay bridge, also the san mateo bridge, the richmond/san rafael bridge, basically a bridge that runs east/west has a wind advisory this morning. so far we still have a sign here, a flooded sign. they have not had to use this here this morning so it's on standby but if you check out the traffic right now heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza, they must have turned the metering lights on because drivers are now taking it a lot slower right now approaching the pay gates. but i want to show you what it looked like earlier this morning. it was a whole lot worse. this is some video we took just about a couple of hours ago as drivers were making some huge splashes because we saw that standing water in those middle lanes. so yeah, lots of flooding
6:37 am
reports coming in according to chp earlier this morning and still coming in now. so we got some tips, obviously, brake earlier with less force. allow for more travel time especially this morning. don't use your cruise control. it may seem obvious. but it's especially important when reaction time is so crucial. also, keep plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you also a good idea. use mass transit. let's go to gianna franco who has been inside in the studio monitoring the chp reports checking for any hot spots out there. good morning, gianna. >> hey, good morning, liz. it's getting very busy. in fact they turned the metering lights on at the bay bridge so you will see delays building there. all right. we have a couple new accidents to report. northbound 280 at guadalupe parkway, highway 87 the right lane blocked there. you can see our sensors are showing some slow and go conditions through the area. also another wreck not too far from there northbound 280 right at 11 [ indiscernible ] exit blocking the road. as we look live at 280 northbound we are already seeing some busy conditions as
6:38 am
you go through downtown san jose. 101 also busy. traffic really backed up in the area stop and go as well, just north of there as you work your way along 101. some better news to report northbound 280 at hickey boulevard they just re-opened lanes on that accident and another perspective the bay bridge toll plaza again the metering lights are on, wind advisory in effect and there is flooding on the lower deck right at the decline so give yourself some extra time. back to you. >> thank you. it is raining in the santa cruz mountains as we speak. let's go to kcbs radio's matt bigler, who is along highway 17 at the summit with the latest there. matt, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. and looks like i forgot my umbrella this morning. fortunately, i remembered my hat. it's down heavily in the santa cruz mountains. highway 17 is behind me. it's a messy commute this
6:39 am
morning as you have been reporting. first of all, visibility, rain, wind, hard to see the road. big puddles in the road before the sun comes up it's hard to see the puddles. it's like hitting a mine. your car shakes back and forth and you lose traction momentarily. the third thing here in the santa cruz mountains, i have already seen some mud slides. rocks and mud start to slide down off the hill on the mountains and that makes it very difficult. we actually passed by a caltrans truck that was scooping some of those rocks and debris off to the side. it had a snow scoop on it just sort of pushing them off the highway. it helps a little bit but sure enough, they keep sliding back down. so it is a messy unfun commute this morning. the highway message boards are up reminding drivers to, please, keep it slow. just be at work safely. we don't need any or accidents. there are plenty of those already. that's the latest from here in the santa cruz mountains. back to you guys. >> with no umbrella, is that a
6:40 am
leather jacket, by the way, matt? >> reporter: no, no. it's some type of water- resistant material. it doesn't feel very waterproof right now. >> it looks like leather from here. you're a little damp but a trooper nonetheless. kcbs radio's matt bigler, along highway 17 at the summit, thank you. >> he does look a little bit wet there. >> a little damp. sometimes it's okay to be inside the studio, right? no winners means you still have a chance for the big mega millions prize jackpot. how much has it grown? we'll tell. >> you plus, rain in the bay area but snow is pounding the sierra. we'll have a live report on the road conditions heading to tahoe. >> and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. here's a quick check of the early numbers. >> coming up, we'll check in with jason brooks with kcbs and we'll get the latest in business when we come back. stay right there. [ jerry ] look at this!
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for drivers in the sierra it's slow going. >> chains are required on all the major highways. melissa cabral is live at blue canyon how was your drive up
6:44 am
the mountain? >> not bad. you have to chain up if you don't have four-wheel drive. we're at blue canyon and this is where we first started seeing snow. 3" of hour of snow is falling and it's windy. we dug out this spot to give you an idea of how much snow we have seen. it's probably about .25" or so. but lake tahoe ski resorts are very happy about all the snow that they have been seeing. as you can imagine, they are saying as much as 100" they have had over the last four days, the last storm that we had coming through last week. to give you an idea, here's a yardstick and 100 inches is similar to that. so double my size how much snow they have had. so if you are planning on skiing, plan a lot of extra time and bring your chains. but it could be some good times on slopes that's for sure.
6:45 am
>> well, it looks like at least the road is open. i just saw one car go by. so they are clearing the roads, then? >> reporter: yeah. absolutely. if you want to come out, you can take a look. you can see they have not used a lot of the snow plows because right now it's just a light dusting. so it hasn't been that bad for drivers. and, you know, it's only 6 a.m. so there's not a whole lot of activity at least up here right now. if they're already up there they are having their hot cocoa, coffee and enjoying their breakfast up in tahoe not driving right now. >> a word to the wise if you want to ski get up at 3 a.m., there is nobody drive on the hill. >> they will be up there pretty soon. thank you, melissa. weather-wise here, we have a lot of rain and more rain. and more rain. lawrence? save us. >> the cold front is moving up to the sierra nevada so where melissa is at it's going to start really coming down a lot of snow in their direction. still heavier rain in the bay area. let's go in for a closer look.
6:46 am
we are seeing heavier rainfall toward the san jose area. look at the pockets in there. and it has been coming down really all morning long. heavy amounts of rain flash flood watches up now across the coastal sections and that will continue to be the case as we head in toward the afternoon. remember the ground is totally saturated now. we have already seen mud slides into the santa cruz mountains and could see more of that today and tomorrow as we have a stronger storm in the works. still if you are heading out the door we have cloudy skies, rain with some gusty winds some of those gusts over 30 miles per hour. even one gust over 50 today at sunol early on. wet windy start to the day. by the afternoon sunny breaks, chance of showers even a possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. and it's going to be windy and temperatures are going to stay fairly cool mainly into the 50s. kind of a neat looking system spiraling in right through the bay area and bringing with it that rainfall for today. behind that you have the cold speckled clouds and that's a sign that we could see some thunderstorms. so today the rain continuing it morning. then becoming more scattered showers throughout the middle of the morning.
6:47 am
and a stronger storm headed our way for tomorrow morning. computer models picking up on the showers moving through the bay area today and see that front sliding through there becoming more scattered once the front moves by so as we head into the afternoon, more scattered showers but you can see brief heavy downpours once again. temperatures mainly in the 50s outside. i think as we look toward the next few days, boy, here come the storms. not much break in between. we are probably looking at the possibility of more flash floods for tomorrow, as well. showers into friday. another storm on saturday. let get a check of traffic with gianna. >> thank you. of course, this wet windy weather is doing a number on the roads this morning. lots of flooding reported. parts of 101 near octavia, take it slow, give yourself some extra time. we are looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza, slick surfaces, flooding as well on that eastbound side just as you approach the metering lights. you can see traffic is stacking up again. 24 minutes on the eastshore freeway approach from the carquinez bridge to the maze. now, we have a wind advisory in effect for some of our bay area
6:48 am
bridges, bay bridge is one of them. richmond/san rafael bridge as well as the san mateo bridge. and i checked the san mateo bridge a few minutes ago. traffic moving okay in both directions. now to the south bay we go where we have a couple of hot spots. northbound 101 at cochrane road, an accident being cleared at the right side of the road. a line of red in the area. there is a tow truck on the scene so it may be on the right shoulder already. through the south bay in san jose, north 280 at 11th ten street wreck in lanes another one at guadalupe parkway. live look at 280 and traffic is crawling along on the northbound side heading into downtown san jose. northbound this should actually say 680 past sycamore valley road the right lane is blocked. we have an accident in lanes. chp is on scene. we have been monitoring the flooding in marin county. northbound 101 the ramp to stinson beach shut down until at least noon. the bright side, it's not affecting your drive on 101 south 101 from 37 to 580.
6:49 am
everything is clear, looking good across the golden gate bridge . 880 not doing too badly. we are not seeing major accidents right now. but again we have flooding northbound 880 as you exit at broadway so that off-ramp may be blocked. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. google's plans for a universal library have been shelved. here now is jason brooks with kcbs and good morning. >> good morning, sydnie. good morning, frank. another blow for google in its several year attempt to establish a digital library. it would be the biggest digital library in the world featuring about 150 million works. but a federal judge said that the $125 million settlement between google and publishers and authors would give google an unfair advantage over its rivals. he did laud many of the points in this in getting many out of print works out there in the library but said that it needs to be redone in a way where
6:50 am
instead of having to opt out of the program, perhaps authors would be able to opt into the programs. but google has said in the past that that's just not a viable plan to do it that way. tough day for a berkeley- based biotech. soma its key diabetes drug failed to show any improvement compared to a placebo in lowering blood sugar levels and that's eviscerating the company's stocks this morning. right now its shares are down almost 30%. there were some positives out of that drug in that it did show it lowered a key protein that's a predicter for some strokes and heart attacks. it also boosted good cholesterol up. but the company's going to center to look at further development of that. the diabetes function was the primary key for the drug so soma taking it on the chin this morning. stock market down after a breather yesterday. some of that because of oil price heading up over $105 a barrel as we see fighting and
6:51 am
violence spread across the middle east. right now the dow lower by 11 points. nasdaq is down by 12 mainly because of soma's shares being down so much. s&p is also off by 5 points. a few minutes from now we'll get a report on new home sales for february. not expecting a whole lot after we saw existing home sales drop by 10% last month. >> all right, jason thanks very much. jay jason brooks with kcbs and there could be a huge loss for the tobacco industry today. an fda panel is expected to deliver its final report on whether menthol cigarettes should be removed from the market altogether. experts say the minty flavoring leads to more smokers that makes it harder to quit. however they have stopped short of recommending a ban altogether saying there is no evidence menthol cigarettes are more harmful. and popcorn, hot dog and soda at the movies it's not cheap.
6:52 am
costs a fortune. but what's it cost your waistline? soon major theater chains all across the country might have to tell you that information. a large popcorn has more than 1,000 calories. the food and drug administration could issue final rules today requiring cinemas to post nutritional information. many california theaters already do this i know anyway. cinema operators are fighting it. >> it's just one of those things, you go to the movie, you want popcorn. >> did you ever eat a whole one? >> not the big barrel. i know better than to buy that bus i probably would eat it. i get the little one and eat all of that. >> because it's there, you eat it. >> exactly. hey, want to take a quack at fame? >> now is your chance! aflac -- aflac -- will begin accepting submissions today to find a new voice for its duck. the company you might remember recently
6:53 am
fired gilbert godfreed for comments he made. the deadline for submissions is midnight april 1. >> you have it dow. >> we'll have to see if the voice is repeated. mega millions jackpot is getting bigger, no winners from last night's drawing. that means that friday's jackpot, $304 million. that is obviously before taxes. after taxes, 150 or so. this is going to be the sixth largest jackpot in mega millions history. >> 304, could grow to 365. who cares. you could buy aflac. 6:53. we are going to recap our top stories including the death of elizabeth taylor. >> a wet ride to work today. where there could be some thunderstorms today and the
6:54 am
flooding trouble spots for your commute all coming up. and if you have a story idea or comment to share with us, email that guy right there, what guy? switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. 6:57. it is day 3 of the barry bonds trial. today bonds' former business partner is one of the witnesses expected to testify in the perjury trial. he is scheduled to testify after cross-examination of a federal investigator who first linked bonds with steroids from balco. bonds' former trainer greg anderson refusing to testify yesterday so the judge ordered him back to jail for the duration of the trial. it will be at least a week, maybe longer, before residence can drive to their homes in the santa cruz mountains. all this wet weather is only making it worse. today a geologist is expected to check the slide that covers about 200 feet of nelson road near scotts valley. the inspection will determine whether to try to clear the slide now or wait for to
6:58 am
stabilize. 6:57. one last look at weather and i guess rain is the buzz word and we have heard it for weeks now and it's not getting better. >> the rain coming down in the bay area has been ripping around the bay area this morning. the cold front sliding right through right now. and you can see some of the heavier amounts of rainfall into the concord area, fremont, livermore, big cells winding through here. also going to continue to see that on and off today as we'll see more showers developing around the bay area. the santa cruz mountains get pounded. you see the back side of the cold front. look at the heavy rainfall through morgan hill and gilroy into watsonville. strong storms and gusty winds. we are not done with the strong storms. we have possibly a stronger one tomorrow morning. watch out for the possibility of flash flooding both these days. showers continuing on friday. more rain is expected on saturday. time for a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. a look at highway 17 at the summit in the santa cruz mountains. this is what you're in store for, busy on the roads due to
6:59 am
all the wet windy weather. over to the maps we go we have some sluggish conditions and also wind advisories in effect for some of the bay area bridges. here's the san mateo bridge, traffic getting busy there but again both directions still moving at decent speeds. the wind advisory in effect also for the bay bridge. metering lights are on, traffic is backing up too at the toll plaza. keep in mind there is flooding around the bay area. bay bridge reporting as well as an accident here in 680 in sycamore valley road. that's traffic. back to you. >> thank you. screen legend elizabeth taylor died this morning. she was 79 years old. the oscar award winning actress entered cedars-sinai medical center in los angeles two months ago for treatment of symptoms of congestive heart failure. her four children were at her side when she died this morning. >> taylor is a former child star who grew to be considered one of the greatest actresses of hollywood's golden age. she appeared in more than 50 films was known for a hollywood lifestyle, beauty and many marriages. she


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